Saturday, 12 January 2013

Marketing Presentation Overview

In the presentation we spoke about all the areas of marketing that we had covered as well as the ones that we were looking into.  Firstly, we commented on the name and logo of the product.  The logo incorporates three iconic images of Birmingham as well as the university colour scheme as we felt that the app was aimed at tourists, younger people, and students.  The red, blue, and yellow contrasting with the black is bright and bold and catches the eye.  

We also pointed out that the demographic we had chosen was realistic because it would be easier to market something towards our own peer group.  Younger people are also more likely to use smartphone apps.

We discussed the launches of iBrum's Twitter and Facebook pages, and how we will use them to gain more interest in the app.  The app will also be advertised on posters and our personal websites and social media outlets.

Screenshots of the website that is currently in development were shown to the group and plans and ideas were discussed, as well as requests for any suggestions.

The market research that we had undertaken was also discussed.  Below are some examples of the questions and their responses:

  • In this kind of app what features would you expect? General information about Birmingham, pictures, links
  • Do you think the name ‘iBrum’ is appropriate? Yes, modern and fits the brand.
  • If not, what would you suggest instead? Most said don't change it.
  • Does the logo appeal to you and would it make you download it? Yes, it’s bright and fun.
  • Would you use this app? Yes.
  • Would you be willing to pay for this app?
  •   Maybe, depends on the content. Many said they would not be willing to pay for an app being as since Birmingham has it's own information kiosk and information is widely available on the internet, so preplanning a trip would be more beneficial than losing out on money.
  • Which sections of the app would you use? Tourist sites, food, shopping.
  • What would make you more inclined to download this app? Secret places not many people know about
We would also like to have events such as a launch party and a Facebook event, and want to look further into a mobile friendly version of the website.

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  1. Design Team Feedback:

    This presentation really worked well, since it was focused around explaining your reasoning behind your decisions alongside summarising what you actually did (something which may be brief within the context as we can find proof of what you have done on the various group areas online). By explaining your reasoning, your aims became clear and it was very difficult to find fault with your decisions.

    In addition, the results from the survey backed up your points and really added to your own credibility as well as that of the groups which benefited from it.

    Communication was clear and concise, and gave a lot of information without unnecessary additions.


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