Sunday, 13 January 2013

Design Team Presentation Overview

This is our summary of what we have pulled together so far. We are currently tidying up our Dropbox folder, and trying to make it as accessible to you all as possible. You should be able to get our output directly from our folder, but we recommend that you check it regularly for any updates.

As you will see, in our Dropbox we currently have three separate folders:

Design Objects:
In here are the individual objects that we have for the app. It includes things like images of maps, pins to go on the map, logos etc. It is essentially the ‘raw materials’ that we are working with. If you have created anything for the app (such as the logos which have been appearing) then feel free to put them in there along with a Facebook post telling us where to find them.
This folder contains our research on other similar apps to ours. The ‘App Research’ document is especially good.
In here, you will find the documents that we are using to plan our app. This is the kind of thing that will be sent to Oliver and Jim (once they are more complete) as well as to the rest of you in order to get feedback on the design of the app. This is a good place to find a summary of where we are headed with design if you are looking for an overview, and your opinions are more than welcome.

If help is needed on other parts of the project then please let do us know!

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  1. Planning team's feedback:

    We felt that this was a well-structured presentation, showcasing how the team has a solid knowledge and grasp of the task and also good organisation and planning skills. Although there are still some grey areas regarding the specification it is clear that the design team realise this issue and have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and the action necessary to remedy this situation.

    References to Dropbox seemed slightly confused, although it is clear from the post above that any issues there may have been have been rectified by the introduction of three clear folders. It may have been simpler if we were to have been shown the Dropbox during the presentation, as perhaps there were no issues but as an audience the concept was just difficult to grasp.

    Overall, we have the presentation 60% as although everything appears to be under control, it is difficult to say this with certainty without a demonstration of the Dropbox


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