Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Group Project- Eva, Ben, Sarah

We aim to provide an interactive account of the UK Riots (August 2011) where the main webpage will be a map of the UK with flagged areas to represent where the activity occured. By hovering the mouse on these flags, one will see a bubble of information about the disruptions (When/What/Who) accompanied by an image, and also links to cultural responses, i.e. articles, interviews, video footage.

It will be a centring of information about the riots, a database that will let you travel
from place to place, day to day, and access responses across different media
platforms. This site will represent cause and affect over the period of the
civil disturbances, possible roots of the problem, and the aftermath across the

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Group Project - Sam Murphy, Jack Brumby, Joey Davey

Our project is going to be based around World War One and the cultural responses to that event. Which will include paintings, poems and audio from that period.

The main page will be about relevant information about the project, and links to various other pages for which there will be a maps, timeline, images, various texts and Wordle maps.

A timeline of all the things we included battles, cultural aspects such as publication of poems and diaries, important speeches.

The project will include several pages for each piece of text. (Poems, speeches, anecdotes and diary entries) Each one will have an interpretation of the text through Wordle, in an image, or link to an image of the text through Wordle.

For poems there will be a link to an audio recording of that poem, if possible from poetry archive or other sources.

There will be a page for a map of the different locations which will be linked to the timeline, to show battles, births and deaths of authors and poets and politicians.

Throughout the whole few pages 4 or 5 there will be several images of paintings and photographs

Monday, 20 February 2012

Group project proposal: Lucy, Amy, Tom, Jonny

We want to create a website covering Shakespeare’s life aimed at secondary school children: Shakeitup

The homepage will consist of a timeline of Shakespeare’s life, including key events and the plays by him covered in secondary schools.

Text will be minimal on the timeline, as each event will be primarily represented by an image and a caption. These captions will be clickable and will link to other relevant webpages (a few of which we will also create), or further relevant images, clips of plays in performance or of film adaptations.

We also want to include a feature whereby hovering over images/captions reveals a text bubble of brief facts.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hack the Book from Home

Yesterday the Observer published an article entilted 'Welcome to the desktop degree...'

Perhaps this module has the potential to explore the restrictions of in-class teaching, by exploiting the resources of the digital age, which we so often discuss. Throughout we have been analysing the difference and comparing the importance of the physical versus the digital- how the humanities are keeping up with the technological shift. How do we think this module would work if fully taught via online classes? Would we be learning more or less?

And to go even further, how likely do we think it is that (in the not-so-distant future) online classes will dominate traditional modes of teaching, where lectures and seminars are merely digitalised classes, students never again answering "yes" to a register but checking a login box, perhaps, on an online forum?

Link to the article: