Monday, 20 February 2012

Group project proposal: Lucy, Amy, Tom, Jonny

We want to create a website covering Shakespeare’s life aimed at secondary school children: Shakeitup

The homepage will consist of a timeline of Shakespeare’s life, including key events and the plays by him covered in secondary schools.

Text will be minimal on the timeline, as each event will be primarily represented by an image and a caption. These captions will be clickable and will link to other relevant webpages (a few of which we will also create), or further relevant images, clips of plays in performance or of film adaptations.

We also want to include a feature whereby hovering over images/captions reveals a text bubble of brief facts.


  1. Really interesting idea, with a good purpose, to it through the educational angle for secondary school students.
    Focus down the age range maybe to just sixteen year olds, easier to accomplish then.
    Use of timeline, would be interesting much more than a map, times of plays, easier to use than places.
    The hover function sounds really intersting to link to other essays and images on the specific plays, if its possible.
    Are you going to encode any of the actual plays onto the site? Are you going to look at his sonnets and other work aswell?

    1. We are going to focus on those plays studied at GCSE-level now. We won't be encoding the actual play texts as these are provided by the school (plus it would take us far too long and we are not competent to edit Shakespeare).

      We will be focusing on plays, so won't be looking at sonnets.

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  3. Like that it relates to the course directly.

    The issues we would like to raise about the project are the relevance to specific age groups. Perhaps you need to narrow your focus of students: secondary school students in year 7 are going to need different levels of resources to those in year 11. Is it realistic to think that those aged 11,12, maybe even 13 will be interested to use the site? Will it be a resource suggested by teachers or sought out by students?

    Overall though, if you can make it look more engaging than most of the Shakespeare sites out there, we think it can work really well.

  4. Since our presentation, we've decided to limit the website to plays studied at GSCE-level based on feedback :-)


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