Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Group Project - Sam Murphy, Jack Brumby, Joey Davey

Our project is going to be based around World War One and the cultural responses to that event. Which will include paintings, poems and audio from that period.

The main page will be about relevant information about the project, and links to various other pages for which there will be a maps, timeline, images, various texts and Wordle maps.

A timeline of all the things we included battles, cultural aspects such as publication of poems and diaries, important speeches.

The project will include several pages for each piece of text. (Poems, speeches, anecdotes and diary entries) Each one will have an interpretation of the text through Wordle, in an image, or link to an image of the text through Wordle.

For poems there will be a link to an audio recording of that poem, if possible from poetry archive or other sources.

There will be a page for a map of the different locations which will be linked to the timeline, to show battles, births and deaths of authors and poets and politicians.

Throughout the whole few pages 4 or 5 there will be several images of paintings and photographs


  1. World War 1, while awful, spawned a huge deal of reactive art and literature. There is likely a huge number of images and texts that you will have to research; good luck with that. Otherwise, this is a good idea, and, if well executed, could provide a useful and poignant database and memorial.

    1. This is true with the large amount of material on the net regarding world war one. We will come up with some kind of selection criteria for picking certain information, we have already narrowed the event of world war one down to just its cultural responses, not really the historical aspect. (Though we will haver four or five big historical events such as the Somme to anchor the timeline in relation to the cultural responses)


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