Monday, 6 February 2012

Hack the Book from Home

Yesterday the Observer published an article entilted 'Welcome to the desktop degree...'

Perhaps this module has the potential to explore the restrictions of in-class teaching, by exploiting the resources of the digital age, which we so often discuss. Throughout we have been analysing the difference and comparing the importance of the physical versus the digital- how the humanities are keeping up with the technological shift. How do we think this module would work if fully taught via online classes? Would we be learning more or less?

And to go even further, how likely do we think it is that (in the not-so-distant future) online classes will dominate traditional modes of teaching, where lectures and seminars are merely digitalised classes, students never again answering "yes" to a register but checking a login box, perhaps, on an online forum?

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  1. I did enroll on the AI class mentioned in the article, and completed it (full track, including both exams). If anybody is interested in my view on this, let me know and I can perhaps talk about it briefly in the next seminar. Or look at my blog, where I posted about this:


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