Tuesday, 15 January 2013

As outlined in our presentation, the Planning team have been working to categorise and distribute cultural sites around Birmingham ready for information to be gathered and written up for the app. After discussing the focus of the app, we have pinpointed 11 different areas, each with 1-3 sites, which have been posted up on the group Facebook for people to choose from. The groups were chosen through reference to a map, in order to make the collection of information as easy as possible; sites are therefore grouped by location, rather than app section. We have produced a form denoting the information needed (image size/format, name, price per visit etc.) from each site, which is accessible via. Dropbox.

 The groups are:

1: Old Rep Theatre / Electric Light Cinema / The Alexandria Theatre

2: Bullring / Moor Street Station / Odeon Cinema

3: Town Hall / Symphony Hall / BMAG

4: CBSO Centre / Cineworld / Icon Gallery

5: St Martin's / Birmingham Cathedral / China Town

6: Bourneville / Selly Manor / Cadbury World

7: Weoley Castle Ruins

8: Thinktank / Millennium Point

9: Barber Institute / Old Joe / Rooster House (lol)

10: The MAC / Harbourne Cricket Ground / Nature Centre

11: Botanical Gardens

Already, several people have offered to collect images and information about some of these groups, which is brilliant. We plan to gather and collate this information via Dropbox, ready to be coded up for the app. If you would be interested in helping gather some information on any of these places, please refer to the Facebook group: here

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  1. Design Team's Review:

    This presentation was informative and it seemed like you were pretty well organised. Visual aids like the maps went a long way to helping you to quickly explain what was going on and how you had decided to do things, but a little bit more information on the formatting of the content might have been useful within the presentation in case there were any disagreements with the formatting chosen. However, since it is such a specific piece of information, it is probably more useful to upload the 'rules' for contributing to DropBox and simply tell us where to find them (as you have).

    It was also useful to have your reasons for choosing certain sites explained to the group in person so that they may be discussed quickly or any opinions voiced.


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