Monday, 17 December 2012

Planning Team Overview

As shown to all teams, and edited as necessary, the project plan has been created and added to Dropbox. This will allow all teams to have an understanding of what stage they should be at, as well as the other groups. Within the Gantt Graph we have also highlighted important milestones within the project. The first one of these milestones has already passed as the emphasis of the project has moved from planning to production. In the second term the important milestones will be:
- emphasis from collecting content to writing up
- website going live
- submission to the app store

Our job will now consist of weekly catch up with groups to assess if they are on track, to reallocate members of the groups whose tasks are minimal to help with content and marketing who's jobs increase in the second term. If teams are able, we will try to move the planners, budget and design to help with content and marketing with such jobs as gathering the content and any other issues that arise.

The tasks that we have highlighted as needing further assistance next term include:
- collecting content
- writing up and coordinating data
- encoding
- creating the website
- promote website and advertise

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  1. Design Team Feedback:

    Like the others, there was little to complain about with the verbal communication within this presentation. Most importantly, you explained the schedule in a simple and logical way so that everyone has an overview of how the rest of the project should pan out.

    One criticism of the presentation would be the paper handouts of the project plans and time allocations - not because they weren't helpful or useful (they are both), but simply because they were not necessary. The plans were explained well enough with the rest of the presentation for you to publicise them online and send links to the groups, while saving on printing costs!


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