Saturday, 8 December 2012

iBrum Budget Team

In our presentation on Thursday, we firstly discussed how the hypothetical funds will be allocated as it currently stands. This is as follows:

  • Budget = £1000
  • Design = £500 (Potentially £550 - depending on whether customised location pins are used)
  • Marketing = £100 (Potentially less - depending on the cost of a domain name)
At present this leaves us with £400 remaining, allowing for any other costs that may be incurred next semester. Should this not change, we plan to consult with the design team to see if there are any additional features which can be included in the app. 

Following this, we discussed budgeting aspects of the logistics of collecting and researching the information to go in the app. Working on the assumption that there will be no cost for labour, funds have not yet been allocated to the planning or content teams. 

A key question was raised, this being what the £500 budget will actually buy the design team. Having consulted with our programmer (Oliver), this will cover everything in the basic app framework, e.g. main menu leading to the respective categories, and the search bar and map function. This does not include customised pins, though at present there are funds available should we decide to go ahead with this. The reason for the greater expense is that it would take up more of the programmer's time. 

Currently we are in a very good position in terms of the budget, and whilst we are currently well under budget, we are aware that we may need to make some savings if more costs are incurred as the app develops further.


  1. Planning team's feedback:

    We felt that this was a confident and well-structured presentation, illustrating the difficulties and advances in the planning stage of the first semester. Their tasks were fulfilled and they have successfully completed their team output.

    However, the presentation lacked key detail about the budget. The specific issues and decisions in the talks with the programmer were not explored, and the actual breakdown of the £1000 budget was simplistic and only consisted of 3 elements, with £400 left over. We also thought that there was some uncertainty about marketing a human hours; we, as planners, intend to meet up with the budget team to discuss this (ie. the redistribution of the planning and budget team hours to aid in the content production).

    Overall, we rated this presentation 60%. We felt that it was succinct and confident, and that they have done a good job in completing the planning phase of the project on time. However, we also identified that there was some content missing that should have been explored some more - specifically, a more detailed break-up of the budget as well as a specific outline of talks with the programmer.

  2. Design Team Feedback:

    As Ashley has said above, the presentation was done well, with clear communication and no unnecessary information. However, I also feel that it was lacking somewhat in explanations of the choices made in budgeting. At the same time, I acknowledge that five minutes is not a very long time to explain a large number of decisions and the reasoning behind them, and with this in mind, I think that the presentation was good. One thing I might suggest is for a more detailed breakdown of budget to be posted into one of the areas which may be accessed by the group with some small explanations of the reasoning behind the decisions. This way, if there are any questions regarding your decisions, you can expand on the ones specifically requested rather than having to exhaustively justify every expense.


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