Monday, 10 October 2011

World Brain

Having found the HG Wells article interesting last week I had a look at his relevance throughout the twentieth century, especially, probably obviously, how this thinking is most prevalent within the genre of Science Fiction. How Arthur C. Clarke, the author of screen play for Stanley Kubricks film 2001: Space Odyssey, predicted that the first part of Wells vision 'The Library' would be created by the year 2000, and then the next part, an interactive supercomputer enabling users to contact each other and comment on the information, would be created by the year 2100. For me, a lover of science fiction, a much neglected genre, shows the power of imagining a future, and questions about What could be? can almost only be answered by science fiction as a genre. It plays an important part in out culture, about the optimism/pessimism of the future, and the possibilities of that world.

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