Thursday, 28 February 2013

The growth of the internet.

 The internet remains to be a modern invention and concept. As it has developed, so have the varieties of internet connection that we have used. As the internet is still fairly recent, the use of words such as dial up, boradband and even more recently, fibre optics were irrelevant to anything up until the late nineties. The n-gram shows the rapid growth of the use of the word broadband that coincides perhaps with how many people are connected to it. As the n-gram searches books, there would have also been an increase in manuals and instructions. Around 1980's, the word fibre optic sees an increase that ever so slightly decreases come the twenty first century. There has been a lot of discussion recently surrounding the use of fibre optics to create faster broadband, with Virgin media for example, yet it is still a phenomenon that is to catch on. The majority of people still use broadband, which explains the difference in people speaking about the two. Dial-up has the least increase and popularity because very few people are connected to the old fashioned modem.

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