Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Teaching and Digital Literacy

The full title of 'Hacking the Book' is 'Hacking the Book: Skills for the Digital Age'.  The Government, spurred on by a damning report about ICT teaching by Ofsted, has recently turned its attention to the way ICT (Information Communications Technology) is taught in school.  Did you study ICT at school? How do you think this has helped with your studies at University (if at all)? And in your wider life? Lastly, do you think there is a place for teaching digital skills in humanities programs at Universities?

You can read the Ofsted report here:

Ofsted (2011), 'ICT in School 2008-11' (Manchester: Ofsted) <>

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  1. At our school ICT was a joke, including loosing portfolios, midway through our time at the school. Don't know whether this was too complicated but they diet teach us the fundamentals of Xml, or even HTML. We were just told how to use Dreamweaver barely. Most of the ICT information i know has been self taught. It would definitely be useful at university, and maybe more importantly after university if i wanted to set up a literary magazine for creative writing for example. Thats one of the reasons i think Hacking the Book is so useful, that we don't get taught this kind of information anywhere else in our education system.


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