Thursday, 3 November 2011

Was shown this video during the week, it's one of the most visible appearances of Anonymous yet and a sign of a growing internet force figuring out how to implement its power in the real world. The idea of a Guy Fawkes mask at first detracted from the impact for me, all I could think was 'Well, this guy likes V for Vendetta.' but it does work and, though you can tell from the contrived hand movements that the guy doesn't act for a living, the video creates a real and impressive impact. I guess Anonymous got style.
Apparently the cartel has already responded to the internet group by allegedly killing people in Mexico thought to be associated with the group.
Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the little things, like a ramshackle collective of precocious internet hackers donning Guy Fawkes masks after reading too much Alan Moore and picking fights with a Mexican drug cartel hellbent on fighting hyperlinks with guns.

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  1. Anonymity is a real issue when it comes to the internet. It has lots of positives, when regards to free speech, especially for people who are living with governments that are authoritarian in that respect. It gives them a chance to show their point of view, without risk of the consequences that would be imposed if governments did know their identity. However in countries like ourselves where free speech is pretty integral to our society, then anonymity can be a dangerous thing. It gives people cover to say whatever they like, abusive or offensive without ever having to justify or respond to criticism, like they would in a face to face scenario. It gives the chance for the internet to be used by abusers etc, which is obviously something that everyone wants to remove form society. Anonymity is an integral part of the www, and has to be protected but then users of the internet have to be responsible with that anonymity like in any other are oaf discussion.


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